Hard to believe that this is even necessary, considering we run free to enter competitions. we're just 4 regular guys, who, to date, have never taken a penny for what we do, but here we are.

As some folk seem to expect prizes for winning these competitions, it seems we need to set some rules.

So here we go. If you're reading this, or we've sent you a link to this, first thing you need to do is go take a long hard look in the mirror.

Then, read on.

  1. No prize will be given to anyone that's not followed @IrishRacing7 @HackedUpRacing @Stateside six, for at least a month prior to winning the competition.
  2. No Prize will be offered unless a minimum of 90 players have entered.
  3. No Prize will be offered if the entry Tweet doesn't get 50+ RT's
  4. We reserve the right to refuse any prizes.
Hope that's all clear.

If it's not, read slower.