2020 where do you start. - LEAGUES.NAPSLEAGUE 2020 where do you start.

2020 where do you start.


Where do you start? 

2020, hay. You'd image that it'll be a year to forget, but I'm not sure it'll be that easy.

We've been at this nonsense for many years now and when I look back at where we started to where we are now, it's almost unrecognisable. Whilst I'm well aware I've said this more than once, I won't apologies for saying it again.

We've spent years trying to put 'the fun' back into racing. We know that we don't draw in huge crowds, but that's beside the point. We do what we do because we love racing. IF we were in this to make a buck or to gain thousands of followers, we'd be doing things very differently. 

We feel some things are way more important than that. 

2020 has been a testing year for so many people for so many reason, myself included. But one thing that's remained constant, it NapsLeague. 

We've run more competitions and given away more prizes than I care to remember. Hasn't always been easy, but we've always managed to cobble things together. Trying to keep 'the plates spinning' tries my patients to the absolute limit at times, mainly because we are absolutely steadfast in making sure everything we do is FREE. Not just for taking part, but also making sure that the system we use and everything needed to run the competitions is free. 

This isn't so much a message about us, per say, but I do want to take this opportunity to thank @IrishRacing7 (mic.. Brian.. The bastard).. 

His dedication, his selfless attitude to what we do, his generosity, is second to none. 

He stands alone in my book for 2020. Never once have I seen him complain, never once lost his focus. I know no one who works harder, cares more or does more for what we do than mic. He won't thank me for this, I wouldn't expect him to.

If you do nothing else today, drop him a DM or a Tweet if you've taken part in any of the competitions we've run this year, because the chances are, they wouldn't have been on if it wasn't for him. It's the very least he deserves.

Also, to Howard, Si and John for the work they do with the various competitions we've run this year. 

Here's to another 5 years of NapsLeague. 

All the very best for 2021.