Off we go to Chepstow @knocknamona - LEAGUES.NAPSLEAGUE Off we go to Chepstow @knocknamona

Off we go to Chepstow @knocknamona

With 17 runners in the first race
If I have nothing placed then it's not a disgrace
I like Slaying The Dragon and it wouldn't be fate
if he managed to win with a lot less weight
his last start was a second and not too bad
but if he's got a battle it must be with Head Lad
he was also second and some promise he did show
against a subsequent winner called Gaelic Flow.
In the 1.25 read it and weep
with a field of 16 runners I'm going for Meep Meep
with every one a maiden it's hard to see the light
but following her home could be The Big Bite.
At two o clock I'll lay it on the line
If Whin Park wins a victory will be mine
this is my NAP and with Johnson in the plate
Whin Park winning is a win I will await.
At 2.35 there's quite a few of these
already winners but Settimo Milanese
has caught my eye as a consistent sort
and if he makes it all he may not get caught
but the one's that are sure to be after him
could be Marble Moon and Lord Ballim
and if you really have come unstuck
The Welsh Paddies may bring some luck!