NapsLeague, Twitters number one Horse Racing competition. Join for FREE. - LEAGUES.NAPSLEAGUE NapsLeague, Twitters number one Horse Racing competition. Join for FREE.

NapsLeague, Twitters number one Horse Racing competition. Join for FREE.

Twitters number one horse racing competition. Run by racing fans, for racing fans. Join for FREE
We love what we do and we hope you will too.

We're just 5 regular guys who are obsessed with horse racing.

We set this up so that we could enjoy racing without all the bullshit that goes with gambling.

We're growing fast and new players are joining the community every day.

Heres a few messages from our regular players.

"New site looks great. Appreciate sometimes you can't put a nap in every day but maybe for serial offenders get rid. It's a superb concept and good luck with it. Don't overstretch yourselves though πŸ‘"

"I play every day to be involved in a shared interest & to see how well I do compared to others. I also like to see other people’s naps & see how many we have in common .. I love Naps League cos it’s a friendly community & I feel safe & secure & I feel I’m Interacting with people I feel comfortable with.. it’s something to look forward to. Also, I don’t get offended if someone calls me a ‘bastid’ or ‘fucktard’It makes me laugh, I love the banterπŸ˜‚πŸ‘"

"Brilliant idea put together by great people who love and enjoy all aspects of the sport we know as horse racing."

"Fantastic competition, very competitive but all in good spirit. The interaction between players is good and quite humorous."

"It's fun, does not matter if you win or lose it doesn't cost anything but saying that we all want to win you are doing a great job keep it up and all the best."

"As a horseracing fan it's a great way to stay involved in the fun side of the sport with friendly competition."

"I enjoy playing the nap league as it's fun and run professionally..I like to work my naps out and have a cheeky bet on them..that's why I'm skint.."

"Easy to enter, free fun, pit your wits and knowledge against other players - what's not to like."

"I play every day as it’s great friendly fun & also it gives you a great heads up on the days racing as you can look through other players naps & get a tip for personal bets πŸ‘πŸ»"

"It's a bit of fun puts the interest on each day I do enjoy it especially if I can beat my husband, good comp."

"First of al,l thank you for the effort and all the hard work you all do. Why I play every day is because its fun great craic and no idiots thinking they're better than everyone else involved. If you use the site well it is a good way to also make a few fun bets following inform players. One main reason for me is it is easy to see my own form and keep track of my picks."

"Not a regular as only just joined but what I like is the fact that you are interactive with your players, you put the F (sometimes literally) into the Fun aspect of the competition where some counterparts I feel take themselves too seriously. The banter is a must for me. Keep it up guys your doing a great job."

"Great fun to have an interest with no need to bet. Great community"

"I absolutely love NAPs League!!! It’s great fun to do and especially as there aren’t many tipping competitions with actual prizes for free and I think it’s great that it is free. It’s always a good laugh. keep up the good work- You guys are AMAZING!!!!!"


This competition is simple, tip one horse each day and you gain points for a winner (13pts) 2nd (7pts) 3rd (4pts).

less than 5 runners we play Win Only.

less than 8 runners we play 2 places.

You'll lose 1.5 points if your horse is unplaced.

Non-runners: If your horse becomes a non-runner you can re-submit, this will overwrite any previous entries. If you do not, it will be void and no penalty.

This competition runs every weekday and the entry form for the following days racing will open straight after the last race each day.

Entry stays open all day, but you MUST submit your entry at least a half an hour before post time.

I hope that covers everything.


Once you've submitted your details you'll be added to the league.

Any questions, feel free to contact us on Twitter.